Week 7 – Climate Change research

Week 7: Climate Change

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Climate Change research

The Climate Change Module is loaded full of government research reports, peer reviewed studies, magazine articles, and videos.   Take some time to review the information.  Read the articles that are of interest to you.  I know you’re likely busy, but this information WILL affect all your lives.  Learn the issues so you can be the one’s who make change.  This week’s assignment is really designed to get you thinking about climate change and what it really means to you on a personal level.  Answer the questions below.  

  1. How will you be affected by climate change in your lifetime? Do not answer in a short, non-specific way.  Give clear examples.  You are likely already suffering in some way.  For example, all you Sriracha lovers, there’s a shortage of peppers again this year.  Yes, this is a very soft example, but I provide it to get you thinking.  If you’ve already been affected seriously by fire, floods, hurricanes, etc…discuss that.  If your food systems have been affected or your family’s by tainted soil or waters, discuss that.  Things are happening globally everyday if you choose to follow the news.  For example, within the last few months alone Hurricane Lee hit Canada, Idalia hit Florida and other east coast states, Hurricane Hillary hit California, Libya had a massive loss of life from nearly a years worth of rain in one day as two dams broke, Lahaina, Hawaii was destroyed by fire, and these are just a few.  A recent CNN article, “Ten countries and territories saw severe flooding in just 12 days.  Is this the future of climate change?”, brings the issues to light.  It takes 3 minutes to read, and provides a good overview of the massive issues we’re seeing globally. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/16/world/global-rain-flooding-climate-crisis-intl-hnk/index.html
  2. What can you do to help mitigate climate change/damage? For example, how much water do you use?  How much do you drive when alternative means could occur such as public transportation, bicycles, or scooters, etc… Do you support companies that are fair trade, use less plastic, make a climate pledge to produce less CO2, or are net negative producers, etc…? 
  3. If not, indicate why? If you haven’t made any changes, what would inspire you to make a change?
  4. Are you upset with the older generation for allowing things to progress to this point?  
  5. Read the article,”Lots of Americans are in the global 1%. A tenth of their income could transform the world”.  (https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2023/9/15/23874111/charity-philanthropy-americans-global-richLinks to an external site.). Tell me what you think about the article?  If you eventually end up in the 1%, would you be willing to donate as long as you know the money is being used properly to improve the world?  
  6. Who is your local government official to contact about climate issues? For example, who are Colorado’s senators?  If you were to write a government official, what topic would you present to them? 
  7. Have you ever written a government official to inspire change through policy? If not, would you consider it? This is often the only way to make real change.  If you’re not writing, they’re not hearing what the public wants.  
  8. Lastly, I know that climate anxiety is becoming a very big issue for many.  If you’re struggling with this, please let me know and I’m happy to chat with you and refer you to proper care.  We are here for you.  
  9. Cite/Reference in AMA format! 
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