the Maternal Mortality Documentary Aftershock on Hulu

Aftershock Documentary Reflection

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Watch the Maternal Mortality Documentary Aftershock on Hulu

Respond to a total of 10 questions below. In any combination (ex. 4a, 4b, 7, 8b, 8c, 9, 10, 11a, 17, 18)

1. What was your overall reaction to the documentary?

2. Was this a fair and balanced dive into this issue? Did you see any bias/influence/slant?

3. How did the documentary directly and indirectly address racial stereotypes?

4. Shamony

a. What s/s of a PE did Shamony have?

b. Why did medical personnel ask if she was “on drugs”? Was there a medical reason? It obviously upset members of her family,

c. Do you believe her death could have been prevented? Explain your answer.

5. Amber

a. What s/s was Amber having that there might be complications happening?

b. Freeze the labs at approx. 15min. What do you see? What does this mean? (one thing to note is they had lab values which means there was concern enough by the medical team to draw them)

c. Freeze the medical records at approx. 16 min and read more than just what is highlighted

6. Men’s Group

a. What is your reaction to this men’s support group?

b. What was your reaction to Mustafa saying about the healthcare system “honestly, I just don’t think they care”

7. Harvard Medical School (with Dr. Neel Shah): What are your thoughts about the VBAC calculator including race or any other medical calculator including race

8. Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa

a. What was your reaction to hear that our state was in the bottom 5 and that our maternal mortality is double the national average?

b. What was your reaction to the discussion about cost and payment hospitals incur and receive. Do you think these “incentives” are consciously know by the docs and the rest of the healthcare team, or not?

c. What was your reaction to Felicia comparing a black woman giving birth to a black man at a traffic stop with the police?

9. Did you know that black women were experimented on to perfect skill of gynecology (and many other things)? Was is your reaction?

10. Do you see a correlation between historical events and current trends in our healthcare environment? Explain your answer?

11. Breathe Birth and Wellness, Tulsa (no we don’t have anything like this in OKC. We don’t have a practice of CNM in or out of the hospital setting)

a. Explain what safety protocols are set up because they use Certified Nurse Midwives (that wouldn’t exist with a non-nurse midwife delivering at home)

12. What is your reaction to the history of midwifery and the patriarchal shift, and repercussions from that shift?

13. What is your reaction to some patients feeling “safer” delivering outside of the hospital, even though the hospital is the place with the OR and most advanced medical and life saving equipment?

14. What non-pharm birthing interventions did you see during Felicia’s labor?

15. House Committee on Oversight and Reform Hearing on the US Maternal Mortality Crisis

a. Were you aware this happened last year? What is your reaction to congress taking up this cause?

16. What is your reaction to the Harvard Medical School discussion?

17. What overt or subtle political messaging or agenda’s did you see in this documentary? (example at 42:27 there was a Biden/Harris sign in the window) Did that effect your overall reaction to the documentary?

18. What kind of coping displayed did you see by Shamony and Amber’s families?

19. What did you learn about yourself/ your views/ your bias after watching this documentary?

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