Project 2 – You run a travel agency, you want to create

Project 2

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Persuasive Presentation

You run a travel agency, you want to create an eye-catching and attractive advertisement using PowerPoint.  You will schedule a time to present this to me via ZOOM. The content of your presentation will be the FOUR current trips/vacation packages being offered at discounted rates for this year’s winter season.  This presentation will be set to run continuously, that is, when it reaches the end, it will loop back to the beginning and continue without intervention.  Sound may enhance your presentation.  Your purpose is to entice or persuade web surfers to book a vacation through your travel agency (desired outcome).

In order to ensure a professional and engaging presentation, you’ll need to consider your purpose and desired outcomes, analyze your audience and their needs, include accurate information in your presentation.  Once you begin creating in PowerPoint, you’ll also need to develop a “theme” for your presentation, taking into consideration design principles, color usage, and matching presentation needs with its contents.

In addition to the items above, your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

· Custom design theme that reflects the theme of your presentation (create it yourself, though you may modify an existing design theme)

· Graphics and pictures related to travel and each vacation package

· A chart or SmartArt diagram

· Appropriate design techniques (attractive styles, fonts, colors, text alignment, graphics, animation of slide objects, transitions, sound and drawing objects, WordArt)

· Table formatted attractively using varying colors, styles, borders and fill effects

· A continuously running presentation with appropriate timings

· Saved PowerPoint file named


This presentation will be loaded to the travel agency website, so save your presentation as a MOVIE that can be uploaded to the website and played by anyone visiting the website. Save this as

  TRAVEL MOVIE.wmv. (WMV stands for Windows Media Video).

Follow all planning and finishing steps to ensure an appropriate and professional presentation (create your own data for this presentation, keeping in mind a time/data limit you feel would be appropriate for this situation).

Things to keep in mind:

· Your presentation needs to be exciting and eye-catching!  We WANT people to book a trip!

· The layout of information, design, color choices, content, images and animation on each slide should go along with the entire THEME of your presentation (and should follow principles that we’ve learned in class).

· This is an opportunity to SHOW OFF your skills!


1. TRAVEL PRESENTATION.pptx (show that’ll run on the monitor)

2. TRAVEL MOVIE.wmv (movie you’ll put on the website)


PowerPoint Presentation


Planning: Presentation…

· purpose is clear and outcome is achieved; meets needs of the audience and maximizes the opportunities of the environment and facility

Design: Presentation…

· contains a consistent/appropriate THEME; each piece on each slide cohesively brings together the theme and enhances the content

· considers design principles to create high impact

· shows thought was given to color combinations and representations

· includes correct spelling, consistent spacing and use of upper/lower case letters, proper grammar

Detail: Presentation…

· custom design template is creative and reflects theme

· contains information on four vacation packages with enhancing graphics/pictures

· includes required features/techniques according to the directions

· A chart or SmartArt diagram

· Attractive styles, fonts, colors, text alignment, graphics, animation of slide objects, transitions, sound and drawing objects, WordArt

· Attractively formatted table

· Slide show set to run continuously, with appropriate timings

· Presentation saved as a PowerPoint and MOVIE

Must be Presented to instructor VIA Zoom—set up a time to present            

Total Possible Points for Project 2


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