Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis

Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis 

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Direction 1:

For “Module 2: CSR Assignment”, I expect you to develop a critical analysis of any company with regards to ethics and corporate social responsibility. You are free to identify the company of your choice. (Tip: You might think of companies listed on the Fortune 500 list or check out one of the many companies listed in Chapter 5). Again, you are free to decide which company will be analyzed.

To successfully complete this assignment, you need to check the rubric. I expect you to bring details and clarity. Use the company’s website, public reports, and reliable news sources (remember to add the references). Your analysis will be evaluated based on 6 criteria. 1. Triple Bottom Line: Identify what the company is doing to consider the triple bottom line. Keep in mind that you have three areas to explore as the Triple Bottom Line refers to measuring a company’s SOCIAL performance, its ENVIRONMENT performance, and its FINANCIAL performance. (Tip: For the financial performance you do not need to attach financial reports, but report how well the company is doing) 2. Ethical Situations: Are there any recent or current ethical situations facing the company?  3. Focus: How focused the company is on each of the three elements in the triple bottom line. Does the company emphasis one of the areas? Is there a reason? In this section, check whether the company was incorporated as a benefit corporation or certified by B Lab. 4. CSR Approach: Which approached is used by the company? (values-oriented / structure-oriented) 5. Evaluation: what is going well or how the company could improve their consideration and mindfulness of the triple bottom line? In this section, you must provide your considerations. 6. Articulation of response: Your analysis should be free of errors and presented in a professional way.

This assignment requires you to use your research ability, as you will prepare a report from multiples sources.

Directions 2: Be sure to address the following critical elements in your short paper:

· Identify what the company is doing to consider the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit)

· Describe any recent or current ethical situations facing the company, as referenced in reliable news sources such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, Inc., NPR, the Washington Post, etc.

· Assess how focused the company is on each of the three elements in the triple bottom line—for example, is this CSR initiative or mission very visible or is it buried within the website? Sometimes the location of the CSR mission can be an indication of how they prioritize people versus profit versus planet.

· Choose one of the approaches below and explain how you would categorize the company on the pyramid or continuum of CSR approaches. Why? Support your position with your perspective and/or indicators from your research.

Approach 1: Criteria of Corporate Social Performance pyramid from Exhibit 5.5 in Chapter 5 of the textbook (economic, legal, ethical, or discretionary/philanthropic)


Approach 2: Approaches to Social Responsibility continuum from Figure 5.2 in the CSR Approaches Continuum document (obstructionist, defensive, accommodative, proactive) – Evaluate what is going well or how this company could improve their consideration and mindfulness of the triple bottom line.

Guidelines for Submission:

1. Your paper must be submitted as a two-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing.

2. a 12-point Times New Roman font.

3. one-inch margins.

4. sources cited in APA format.

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