BIO1000 Module 4 Genetics Practice

1000 BIO MOD 4 ASSN 1

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GENETICS PRACTICE (Worksheet #2; Module 4)

These exercises help to “cement” the information in our brain so we can use that learning in our other tasks, both in life and in this course. When we exercise our thinking outside of reading and speaking, we remember better and accomplish more.

Goal of this activity

· To solve problems with traits: both phenotypes and genotypes

Steps for Success with this activity

1. Look through the entire document, making note of what you have seen or heard previously. Rely on your prior learning! Use that learning to build more.

2. Work through the problems in any order.

a. This study of Mendel is important for success in Module 4’s Infographic project.

b. Sometimes starting with the last page will help you see the reason to learn the 1st page.

3. Work hard before you consult the answer page! Healthy frustration is the foundation of real learning, so let yourself be in a bit a “quandary” before you check your answers.

4. Bring all questions and inconsistencies to the Tech Live sessions.


A. Explain the scientific reasons for the success of Mendel’s experimental work (OpenStax, Concepts of Biology, section 8.1)

1. Who was Gregor Mendel?

a) Timeframe (century) =

b) Occupation =

c) How could he do this work? =

2. Name the “model system” that Mendel used and the reasons for the powerful results:

a) Model system =

b) Reason for success #1 =

c) Reason for success #2 =

d) Reason for success #3 =

B. Explain the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes in dominant and recessive gene systems ( OpenStax, section 8.2)

1. Define:

a) Chromosome =

b) Allele =

c) Trait =

d) Phenotype =

e) Genotype =

Relationship between genotypes and phenotypes (continued from page 1)

2. When a eukaryotic offspring receives genetics from each parent, the sperm and egg (or pollen and ova in plants) each contribute 1 set of chromosomes. Those chromosomes – unless the organism has been in-bred for generations – can bring different traits. The following terms explain appearance of those traits.

3. Define:

a) Homozygous =

b) Heterozygous =

c) Dominant =

d) Recessive =

RULES for solving genetics problems:

· For each of the genotypes, CAPITAL letter = DOMINANT; lowercase letter = recessive.

· Each parent will contribute one “letter” to the offspring, whose phenotype results.

4. For each of the genotypes (AA, Aa, or aa), state the phenotype:

a) Purple flowers are dominant to white: PP Pp pp

b) Hairy knuckles are dominant to non-hairy: HH Hh hh

5. State whether the phenotype will be homozygous dominant, heterozygous, or homozygous recessive:

a) AA c) tt


b) Gg d) Pp

C. Use a Punnett square to calculate the expected outcomes of a cross following only one trait ( OpenStax, Figures 8.8 and 8.9)

1. Using the informatio??n from “B”, above, complete a Punnett Square to determine the predicted outcomes:

STEP 1: Determine the parents’ genotype ?AA (Dad) and Aa (Mom) ? A A

STEP 2: Separate the two alleles into columns on the table

· Mom’s to the left side ? A A A A A

· Dad’s on the top

STEP 3: Write Dad’s alleles (separately) down to each box

STEP 4: Write Mom’s alleles (separately) across to each box a A a A a

STEP 5: Calculate the results (according to #5, above)

2. Try two more on your own:

3. Would you like to try more? Here are two EXTRA CREDIT exercises:

A picture containing text, screenshot, font, diagram  Description automatically generated

A picture containing text, diagram, screenshot, font  Description automatically generated

D. Explain Mendel’s law of segregation and independent assortment in terms of genetics (OpenStax, section 8.2, half-way down)

1. Restate in your own words:

a) Law of Segregation of alleles =

b) Law of Independent Assortment =

2. Application questions:

· How do I see these laws play out in my family’s traits?






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